Genie GR-26J – self-propelled forklift

The lift Genie GR-26J is one od the most popular lifts available in the Gizo company.

Genie company specializes in the manufacture of lifting equipment. In 2011 Genie proposed another new – GR-26J self-propelled aerial platform.

GR-26J  – advanced model with improved boom construction. Working height 10 m, payload 200 kg, boom /arm 3 m.

Jib can rotate at 140-350 degrees, gives the operator better access to closed areas at altitude, including avoiding obstacles. Gr-26J can work both indoors and outdoors (of buildings).

This machine model is perfect for indoor applications (enclosed space). The model has the lowest weight in its class of lifts (2,650 kg). This is especially important in cases, when fall within the scope of the works in halls with floor, which can not withstand heavy load.

Genie GR-26J is equipped with an electric engine, which ensures trouble-free operation both at high and at low speeds.