Szczecin’s sports and entertainment hall

The construction of the sports and entertainment hall began at the beginning of the year.

The first lift used during height work on this investment is the Genie Z 51 with a working height of 18 meters and side coverage of over 9 meters in the photos. Hall will cost 160 million gross. It will accommodate up to 7.3 thousand of people (5,300 on the stands and 2,000 on the playground).

The complex will consist of follwing buildings:

  • primary (with stands, pitch and sanitation facilities for athletes),
  • office-service (money, offices, technical rooms, restaurant),
  • sports and recreation (conference rooms for 500 people, media facilities, gyms, training room).

In total – 25.5 thousand. square meters of usable area.

In the neighborhood there are: parking for 600 of cars and eight buses, bicycle lanes, small architecture and greenery.