The biggest sports investment in Szczecin

The Genie S 85 lifter works on completion of the biggest sports investment in Szczecin. Timeliness of work provides the highest quality of our equipment. In the hall at Szafer street will be able to take place highest-ranked sporting and cultural events. In the main building will be located following: multifunctional football pitch, tribunes for spectators, social and sanitary facilities for athletes. Depending on the organized event hall will accommodate to 7,3 thousand of people (5,3 thousand in the stands 2 thousand on the pitch). After that on the premises of the hall complex will be located additional sports facilities and appointed green areas designed for rest:

  • three sports courts designed for Basketball, volleyball, tennis or football playing,
  • table tennis play palces,
  • skatepark designed for skateboarding or roller skating,
  • mini amphitheater for the purpose of organizing cultural events
  • green areas along with the fountain,
  • bicycle lanes and walking paths.