New lifts on a car boards

New lifter on a car boards we have just delivered to one of leading power companies, which operate in PolandLift on the car up to 3.5 t (this model was just ordered by our new customer) characterized by lifting height – up to 21 meters. Noteworthy is also it’s simple but extremely powerful and lasting, because of steel construction and low weight. Just because of that  lifters on a car boards this king can be used in full safety by the person, who have a basic driving license, only.

But this is not the only hardware, we offer. To be convinced of this, it is worth to visiti our departments, where there is full selection of it. Our proposal it’s a new lifter on a car boards, but also used, too.

Gizo’s offer stands out not for only the excellent quality of construction equipment and machinery, but also attractive price. Lifter on a car boards prices have different prices. Much depends on their model, characteristics and general condition – of course regardless of whether, are lifters on a car boards used or new, we always provide them with excellent quality, full efficiency and service after purchase.

We invite you to take a test and get to know Gizo’s detailed offer. We are sure that your expectations regarding such equipment will meet ours lifters on a car boards. The price will be another nice surprise, only !!!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.