H80/1100 forklifts

In 1993 the Linde company has been produced a new model of forklifts 396 series. Many experts consider it a product, which is a model among of the trolleys in  5 – 8t class.

During designing of this forklift engineers from the Linde company put a lot of emphasis on the styling and ergonomics of the driver’s cab, inter alia for entrance to and exit from it. Modern design highlights the main attributes of the forklift: agility, dynamics and efficiency. The forklift is characterized by high operational efficiency and quiet operation.

The Gizo company owns in her fleet 396 series forklifts, too. The forklift  Linde H80/1100 with a lifting capacity of 12 t and a lifting height of 5.5 m is available for renting and unloading throughout Poland.

The forklift Linde H80/1100 is designed for activities in really difficult conditions.

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